Dan Green

Dan Green is grateful to have been a part of many shows and could not be luckier to have such amazing fans for his work on Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sonic X and Viva Pinata. Dan has also enjoyed being part of the storytelling team as well, whether as a director, writer or producer. One of his favorite jobs was working on Marvel properties like X-Men: Gifted, written by Joss Whedon, which allowed him to direct awesome voice talent and work side-by-side with the audio design and music production artists. Crossing the G.O.D.S. has been a dream come true experience as it has allowed him to draw on the things he likes to do most as a storyteller for an audience he couldn’t be more flattered and humbled to have.


Eric Stuart

Eric has been involved in the production of animated shows and films for over 30 years. As a voice actor, director, producer, and engineer, he has been an integral part of such hit shows as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Viva Pinata, Ultimate Muscle, and Yugioh GX, as well as casting, directing, and producing radio and TV commercials, industrials, and audiobooks. Eric brings to the team a true sense of understanding the nuances of dialogue, sound design, and music placement. A fan of the genre, Eric is excited to be a part of such a wonderful collaboration of three great friends, combining their talents, and pouring their hearts into something they love.

Audio Post Production-Mixing-Producer

Anthony Haden Salerno

The animation and voice-over industry has been Anthony’s life for the last three decades. It all began with Battle Arena Toshinden back in the late 90’s. That led to working as an ADR director, VO actor, and writer on shows like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Slayers, TMNT, Shaman King, Cubix, G.I. Joe & many more. During this time Anthony forged lasting friendships with Dan Green and Eric Stuart, so when the chance came to work with them on an original project, drawing not only on their impressive talents, but on those of the many gifted VO actors he’d worked with as well... how could he say anything other than, “Hell Yes!” Anthony is very excited to flex his musical composition and video editing muscles on Crossing The G.O.D.S.!

Original Music-Video Editing-Producer



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