Crossing The G.O.D.S. Announced at MCM London Comic Con

At the Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Area of the MCM London Comic Con 2017, honored guests Dan Green (Yugi/Atem) and Eric Stuart (Kaiba) officially announced a new original illustrated audio drama they, and fellow collaborator and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX alumn, Anthony Haden Salerno (Chazz Princeton), are creating for release in early 2018.  

Crossing The G.O.D.S. will be an episodic web series calling on the talents of such renowned voice actors as Veronica Taylor (“Ash” Pokémon), Lisa Ortiz (“Amy Rose” Sonic X), Jason Griffith (“Sonic” Sonic X), as well as Green, Stuart, Salerno and others.  The series will be produced by Audramada Productions LLC, a new production company formed by Green, Stuart and Salerno this year, with plans to expand to more original productions in the future. 

The first official teaser for the upcoming new illustrated audio drama was shared at the event and can be seen here on and the official Crossing The G.O.D.S. Facebook page.